Diamond Cleaning

04 April 2018

Diamond cleaning is the effective solution for the removal of heavy stubborn coffee, red wine and cigarette stains. The new innovative system is gentle, effective and minimally invasive. It transforms the smiles and restore the sparkle to the teeth. 

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Orthodontic treatments for adults, A to Z of what you need to know

27 April 2017

These are the facts worth knowing about orthodontic treatments for adults:

1.       There is no age limit. As long as you have healthy gums you can have orthodontic treatment at any age.

2.       They are more affordable than you think. You can have straight teeth for as little as £2000 per jaw.

3.       They can improve your health by reducing the plaque accumulation and reducing the risk of decay and gum disease.

4.       Straight teeth can boost your confidence and give you an advantage in a competitive social interaction such as a job interview or dating.

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Fluoride -friend or enemy

16 January 2017

Worldwide, over 300 million people drink fluoridated water supplies. Many millions more use fluoride toothpastes regularly.. This has led to improved levels of dental health which in turn benefits general health. Fluoride is safe and effective when used properly. 

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Benefits of Invisible Braces

20 September 2016

There is no better time to have straighter smile.  Thanks to advances in orthodontic treatment options, adults can enjoy straighter teeth as teeth can be aligned at any age.  Straight teeth are associated with improved dental and gingival health. They also make a great difference to your face and the way other people perceive you.

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Best Private Dental Practice 2016 - North West London

09 September 2016

Caspian Dental Clinic has been successful in the 2016 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards, and has been awarded: Best Private Dental Practice 2016 - North West London

Established 3 years ago and brought about after 5 years of planning and researching the market. Dr Kimia Mirzakhani tells us more.

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The magic mushroom for the treatment of gum disease

11 August 2016

Gum disease is one of most ancient infectious diseases known to the humans and is the number one culprit of tooth loss.

The research indicates that "Shii take " mushroom has medicinal properties to battle the pathogenic bacteria implicated in chronic adult periodontitis.

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5 Things you need to know about invisible braces for grown-ups

29 July 2016

Orthodontic treatments are the hot topic in dentistry, especially the invisible braces for grown-ups. They come under different branding such as ClearSmileAligners, Invisalign and ClearAligners.

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Impact of straight teeth on social interactions, How orthodontic treatment can help.

27 July 2016

We were brought up not to judge a book by its cover. However these days the personal appearance has a lot of influence on the public's perception of one's characters.

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Dental and oral Hygiene tips to secure the promotion you have been waiting for

22 July 2016

Are you desperate to get the dream job you have been waiting for? Well having all the right qualities may not be enough. Use the following tips to increase your chances

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