Dental and oral Hygiene tips to secure the promotion you have been waiting for

Are you desperate to get the dream job you have been waiting for? Well having all the right qualities may not be enough. Use the following tips to increase your chances:

  1. When sending your CV, include a professional photo of yourself with your personal details. Make sure you appear smart wearing a formal smile. Keep your teeth together ; you may keep your lips together or flash your teeth. Ladies, choose your lipstick wisely, the correct shade of lipstick will compliment your complexion and make your teeth appear whiter. A smiling photo immediately increases your chance of being short-listed for an interview as you are perceived as more confident, approachable and trustworthy.
  2. For the interview, you may have to prepare behind the scenes in advance. Avoid foods like onions and garlic 24 hours prior to the interview. Body odour especially bad breath, are one of the most discouraging factors during a social interaction. Brush and floss your teeth before the interview. If you suffer from the bad breath, book a dental appointment to resolve these issues. If you can afford it, have your teeth whitened; a white and bright smile stands out from 80 yards.
  3. At the interview, keep smiling. Smiling releases endorphins and makes you feel good about yourself. It also lowers your stress and anxiety and you will come across as more confident and competent. If your teeth are a barrier to climbing the social ladder, we can help. Keep your teeth and gums healthy. Brush and floss at least twice a day. Avoid sugary foods and drinks. Avoid smoking, as smoking increases the risk of gum disease, makes the teeth yellow and can cause bad breath. Visit the hygienist regularly. If you have missing teeth or restorations, have them replaced.

If your teeth are yellow, consider teeth whitening treatment. "The Impact of Whiter Teeth on Key First Impressions" study, commissioned by Crest company, shows that a whiter smile substantially affects how others think of you when you first meet. According to the three-part study, which included simulated job interviews, simulated first dates and a quantitative online survey; more than half of the study participants were more likely to be hired (58%) and received larger salary offers (53%) after their teeth had been whitened. The study also found that evaluators expressed a greater interest in continuing their interaction or "date" with more than half of the study participants (54%) after their teeth had been whitened.

If your teeth are crooked, ask your dentist about orthodontic treatment options. Orthodontic treatments have become more affordable with finance facilities and cost spreading schemes. You can have the straight teeth you always desired potentially within six months.

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