Impact of Oral Health on sexual health and fertility

If you are trying to add a little mini-you to your family, Then you should know that: There is relationship between oral health and fertility.

Poor oral health and gum disease has an adverse effect on vascular system and pregnancy outcome. The plaque-induced inflammation of the gums and surrounding tissues, has an impact on the sexual health due to the changes it causes in the vascular system.

Obviously this is not something you would discuss with your dentist during a routine check-up however new evidence suggests that the severity of periodontal disease may be a significant risk factor for erectile dysfunction (ED), sperm motility and time to conception(From dental-update volume 42, Number 2, by Dr Jane Eastham and Robin Seymour).

A study showed that erectile dysfunction got better in three months in patients who received periodontal treatment for their chronic periodontitis. Another research demonstrated that women with periodontal disease take an extra two months to conceive when compared with women with healthy gums. Also a recent research carried out in Israel has shown a correlation between severity of gum disease and sperm count and motility. The patients who exhibited advanced gum disease in this study, tended to associate positively with Oligozoospermia or reduced sperm mobility. This gives us another reason to emphasise on the importance of oral health, screening for periodontal disease and treatment of it.

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