COVID-19 Guidance

This guidline will be updated periodically in line with the change of guidelines from the department of health and our regulatory organisations.
Throughout the pandemic, we have strived to ensure that Caspian Bespoke Dentistry is as safe as possible for all patients, staff, and visitors.
Currently, everyone within the practice will be asked to wear a face covering (unless exempt), everyone will still be asked to socially distance, and staff will still wear appropriate personal protective equipment. This will also mean that we will continue to restrict the number of patients within the waiting area; whilst we appreciate that this can become frustrating, we feel that it is safest to maintain these small precautions for the good of all within the practice.

Keeping you safe

Your health and wellbeing is our first priority. In visiting our practice, you can rest assured that you will be greeted with our spotlessly clean surgeries and stringent decontamination processes, which have been in place for years. Due to Covid-19, we have put extra measures in place. Here is some useful information about visiting the practice during this time.

Before your appointment

We are only able to see patients by appointment, so you will need to book in advance by calling us on 01923254979
We will give you all key information ahead of your appointment
You will be required to complete a pre-appointment assessment, which can be completed online or over the phone

On the day

If you can, please try to come to your appointment alone and limit the possessions you bring with you
Please arrive for your appointment 5 minutes early
Please remember to bring your face covering; if you are medically exempt, we ask that you wear a visor instead

Entering our practice

We will ask you to put on your face covering or visor if you have not already done so
You will be asked to sanitise your hands throughout different points of your journey

Treatment room

All treatment rooms are cleaned and disinfected between patients
You will be asked to leave your coat and bag in the area provided
Our team will be wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE)

A Note about Chaperones

We politely ask that a chaperone attend with a patient, only if absolutely necessary. We do appreciate that some patients may require a chaperone (for example a child attending with their parent or carer, or an individual with a physical or leaning disability). As far as possible, a chaperone should be from the same household as the patient. If appropriate to do so, chaperones will be asked to leave and wait outside the surgery whilst all procedures are carried out. We understand that this may not always be possible (for example where the patient is a young child or where the patient would be distressed to be left alone). In such cases, team members will pay particular attention to the Faculty of General Practice’s guidance, which advises that ‘there should be an individual case by case risk assessment of whether parents/carers or guardians should be present in the surgery during treatment and make sure that this is done as safely as possible where this is deemed essential.
Please note, chaperones will be required to complete the same COVID-19 screening questionnaire as the attending patient.

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