At Caspian Dental Clinic we provide a bespoke approach for all your oral and dental needs. Here are some of our succces stories where we delivered the biggest smiles inside and out.
Teeth straightening with Clear Smile aligners followed by teeth whitening

Our patient had orthodontic treatment as a teeneager. However her treatment had relapsed as she did not wear her retainer.

We measured her crowding.  She was suitable for treatment with invisable braces.  Her treatment took less than 4 months.  At the end of her treatment , we did some teeth whitening for her and the retainers were fitted for her.  She is enjoying her pearly white straight teeth now.

Orthodontic treatment with clear braces and teeth whitening and composite bonding

Our patient wanted to straighten her teeth. we discussed all the options and treated her with Clear Smile aligners. The treatment took less than 6 months from start to finish.  She liked the result so much that she wanted to take it a step further and  asked for teeth whitening.  First, we used Boutique Whitening for 6 weeks.  Then, we changed her worn filling.  Now she can’t stop smiling.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our patient wanted to improve his smile, he did not like the shade of his teeth and  the faulty crown on the right. The tooth on the left was too short too. We whitened the teeth with a two-week course of Enlighten tooth whitening. Then we  replaced the defective crown with a zirconia crown. Finally,  the length of the tooth on the left side was corrected with adding composite bonding to the tip. The patient was very pleased with the end result.

Management of tooth wear caused by acid erosion

The patient had noticed that her teeth were getting darker and shorter. She brought a portrait picture of hers to show us how her teeth looked like. We did some wax ups on the model of her teeth and showed her what we could achieve. She wanted the treatment to be conservative and economic. Therefore we decided that teeth whitening and direct composite bonding would be a good choice for her. She had the teeth whitening first . Then we reconstructed her teeth directly with composite bondings. At the end of treatment when we showed her what we had achieved, she was overwhelemed with emotions. The next day we recieved a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a box of chocolate. This is another example of how we create the biggest smiles inside and out.

Replacement of worn down teeth with minimally invasive direct bonding

Case: Worn down restorations on the lower incisors.

Technique: Minimally invasive direct bonding

Length of treatment: 90 minutes Patient left ecstatic with the result.

Cost: £200 per tooth.

Smile Makeover - The Art Of Dentistry

Our lovely patient wanted to improvement her smile before her big day. She wanted to have beautifully  straight and white teeth.

The main issues we faced was crowding and poor alignment in the smile zone, yellow teeth, tooth wear.

Our smile artist decided the best treatment plan included: alignment, tooth whitening followed by direct bonding.

Her Treatment Plan;

  • Short term orthodontic treatment of upper and lower teeth with ClearSmile Aligner system -the whole orthodontic treatment from start to finish took 6 months.
  • Two weeks of home tooth whitening treatment with Philips Zoom! DayWhite 6% gel- Philips Zoom is the American bestseller tooth whitening gel.
  • Placement of direct composite bondings to create a natural and vital looking, we used Miris composite kit.

Result: A beautiful smile restored with a most conservative approach with 100% patient’s satisfaction. That is the art of dentistry.

Major Smile Makeover

This was an emotional journey for one of our  patients who learned to love her smile again. She had severe tooth wear and discoloured teeth. So she would hide her mouth when smiling. We looked at the root of the problem. After the evaluation, we started with replacing the back teeth. At  the second phase, we gave the discoloured worn down lower teeth a makeover with porcelain veneers.  She had defective upper restorations replaced with a combination of porcelain crowns and veneers. Now she has the biggest brightest smile and her confidence is back. Love your smile.

Aesthetic Bridge

The patient needed to sort out his smile for an important  wedding function. The non-restorable front teeth were removed  and a temporary bridge was fitted as an inerim solution during  the healing process.

After two months, the main bridge was fitted. The patient was very pleased with the result. His beautiful new smile captured in all the magic moments of the day.

Mini Smile Makeover with Porcelain Crown and Direct Bonding

The patient didn’t like her grey tooth. But did not want teeth whitening. The solution was simple. We discussed  the replacement of old ill-matching white fillings with aesthetic ones and we provided a full porcelain crown as well. We matched everything to the general colour of her teeth. We finished her treatment in 2 weeks. She will enjoy smiling confidently for many years to come.

Short Term Orthodontic Inman Aligner

Our patient’s main complaint was protruding lateral incisors. After discussing all the options, she decided to undergo treatment with Inman Aligner. The whole course of treatment took just 6 months.

The patient was pleased with the result. To prevent the relapse of treatment a fixed bonded retainer was fitted behind the teeth. We find that Smile Makeovers have such a profound and positive impact on people’s  life changing the way they look but also how they feel.

Smile Makeover with a bridge and some teeth whitening

The patient had suffered trauma to her front teeth 15 years ago. As the result, she lost 4 of her teeth . We remade her smile  with a bridge and teeth whitening.  She started to love her smile again and got her confidence back after 15 year.

Aesthetic White Restoration

The patient booked an emergency appointment as the front tooth had lost its old filling and our patient felt uncomfortable speaking and smiling without it.
The shade of the white filling was chosen and the patient approved it. Just 45 minutes later, the tooth was restored to its previous glory. Small treatments can have a huge impact. The patient was very pleased with the result.

Mini Smile Makeover
  • Initial Consultation: 45 minutes

  • Treatment time: 4 hours

  • Patient’s wishes: Whiter, straighter teeth with no gaps.

  • Treatment: Mini Smile makeover with Tooth Whitening and placement of direct bonding and minimal re-contouring of the teeth in the smile zone.

  • Patient’ satisfaction: 110%

  • Patient’s feedback: “Before the procedures, I had two large gaps from where I had teeth removed for orthodontic work. The gaps were closed and my teeth reshaped. I am extremely happy with the results and feel like I can smile again.”

Tooth Alignment with Inman aligner

The patient was very conscious and unhappy with the position of her front teeth and their overlap. We discussed with her what outcome she wanted and decided to treat her crowding with the Inman aligner. The treatment took just 4 months from the start to finish and she was delighted with the outcome and smiles with confidence now. We love woring with our  patients to create beautiful smiles inside and out.

Our highly experienced clinical team at Caspian Dental Clinic, using the latest techniques and technologies, create the biggest and brightest smiles both inside and out.
All of our treatments comply with the General Dental Council and Care Quality Commission.
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