Bringing the sparkle back to your smile.

Drinking coffee with a friend in a trendy bar should be a guilt free pleasure. However people worry about the staining associated with coffee.

Smoker and wine lovers may share the same concerns about the stained teeth. They may feel self conscious and inconfident in social occassions and cover their teeth when smiling.

We have introduced an effective and reliable solution to the problem, one which brings the sparkle back to your smile.

Diamond Clean Air polisher is a professional tooth polishing system which works with air and water spray and aesthetic polishing powder and removes the stubborn stains and plaques from the difficult to reach areas. The water jet rolls the powder particles on the tooth surface to remove the plaque and stains. The air polishing system is non-invasive, patient friendly and very effective in cleaning the teeth giving you significantly cleaner and whiter teeth.

The results are spectacular and outstanding.

Give us a call on 01923 254979 and try our Diamond Clean.

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