Can I wear make-up after facial rejuvenation treatments?

At Caspian Dental Clinic, as well as being the leading oral health and dental practice in our area, we also provide non-surgical aesthetic treatments including facial rejunvenation using Botox injections. This popular treatment is very popular to soften wrinkles and heavier lines to create a natural healthy and youthful look.

One question we are often asked is how quickly can I wear makeup post treatment? 

Our standard advice is avoid all make-up for first 24 hours to allow the treatment to work most effectively and avoid any issues. But why? The actual treatment initally temporarily effects the skins function as a barrier, so due to the injectables i.e. anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers, the bacteria, fungi and natural viruses that live on the skin can then penetrate the skins dermal layer and can cause minor infection or skin irritation. So cleaning the skin prior to the treatment, reduces this risk as does avoiding applyng any make up post treatent.

Also the make up or the make-up applicator themslves are unlikely to be sterile so these to can introduce pathogens and allergens to the skin at a time of sentivivity increasing the risk of infection or an allergic reaction.

Our team provide an indepth pre and post skincare protocol to ensure that they achieve the very best results.

If you wish to consider rejuvenation treatments with anti-wrinkle agents or dermal filler, please give one Dr KImia or one our Smile Artists a call on 01923 254979.

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